Creative and driven individual with a high attention to detail seeks a challenging editorial position that will offer career development and the opportunity to contribute.

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Manhelpingwoman article

Male Champions Promoting Advancement for Working Women

Gender bias in the workplace is a touchy subject, and James is an advocate who knows a thing or two about the power that female leaders can bring to the table.

Capture article

Tuning Up: How to Perfect Your Outdoor Sound - Bar Business Magazine (April 2017)

Choosing the right sound system for your establishment all year round.

Lessonslearned article

Lessons Learned From a Broken Heart

You lose a part of yourself after a relationship ends, but don’t ever lose the lessons.

8 signs its a good relationship hes a keeper article

8 Signs It's a Good Relationship (He's a Keeper)

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but once you’ve fallen into a great relationship—the downs can also seem like a walk in the park.

Numerology article

Numerology: What Your Numbers Are Telling You

Most of us are familiar with our astrological signs, but how well do you know about your numerological ones?

Lovelanguage article

What's Your Love Language? (How to Get the Love You Need From a Partner)

According to Dr. Chapman, there are five ways that human beings express and understand emotional love. How do you?

Energyvampire article

7 Ways to Deal With People Who Drain You

Try these seven ways to shield yourself and deal with people who drain the life out of you.

Jimmy johns bar article

How to Keep Customers Plugged In - Bar Business Magazine (March 2017)

On-premise charging solutions increase customer retention.

Green tea diet 1 article

Top 5 Beauty Products You Never Knew You Had

Here are some tried and true remedies and everyday household products that can immediately spruce up your image, while still maintaining their multi-functional value.

B99c2d3d3fc8e2a842b0f2bf8d8ef505 article

Green Light: A Tour of Latest Eco-Friendly Projects

Whippany River Watershed Action Committee showcases new initiatves on bus tour.

Coconut paradise1 article

Review: BBW’s Escape to the Tropics Collection

A review on Bath & Body Works' new summer line.

F4a6551fbda2171673a9091ead8e7d70 article

Raising Funds and Strengths for Charity

GoPerformance & Fitness of Parsippany holds event to help sick children.

4fb1cc8f49c8307873d9c7886bb085e2 article

New Health and Fitness Club Comes to Parsippany

Parsippany's goPerformance & Fitness facility receives positive feedback.